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SquareUp 3D Room Simulations in 18x36 inch and 24 inch Tile

Bali Blue - 18x36in

Blood Orange - 18x36in

Blue Spirit - 18x36in

Coolwater - 18x36in

Electricity - 18x36in

Ironsand - 18x36in

Ironsand - 24in

Nature Calls - 18x36in

New Age - 18x36in

Pasture - 18x36in

Plum Alley - 18x36in

Salted Caramel - 18x36in

StormTrooper - 18x36in

Varicolor - 18x36in

Bali Blue - 24in

Blood Orange - 24in

Blue Spirit - 24in

Coolwater - 24in

Electricity - 24in

Ironsand - 24in

Nature Calls - 24in

New Age - 24in

Pasture - 24in

Plum Alley - 24in

Salted Caramel - 24in

StormTrooper - 24in

Varicolor- 24in

For more than 15 years, Jhane has designed carpet for Tandus Centiva (formerly Tandus Flooring). You can see Jhane's carpets in some of the world's largest corporations - Gensler, Lenscrafters, Hanes Brands, Google, Bank of America, Rolls Royce, Ford Lincoln, Stanford University, University of Utah, Northwestern University College of Law, and the Chattanooga airport. Jhane's long-time fans know that mathematics, science and technology often provide the inspiration for her fashion and textiles. Not surprisingly, this holds true for carpet as well.