Why doesn't the repeating mode work with herringbone layout?

That kind of repeating is more difficult to program. It will be available soon.

Is the square yardage amount using the highest tile usage?

Yes, so that amount should cover your design with several left over for replacement. However, it is always best to have your installer give you their estimate.

How does SurfaceTiler lay out the room grid?

At present it centers the tiles in the room so the waste will be equal on all sides. This is the most common installation method but we will be adding a grid that shifts in future updates.

What does show room size mean?

SurfaceTiler always displays full tiles. The blue line shows the actual room size and the lighter area around it shows the part that will be cut.

Why are there two dice?

The yellow die chooses from both pull down menus. The white die gives you choices within the second pull down menu while leaving the first menu constant.

How do I know what size to copy?

Each zoom level will copy a different size to the clipboard. The higher the zoom the higher the resolution. The size in pixels is written on the lower left of the thumbnail image when you hit the copy button.

Why do the thumbnails look funny when I hit copy?

They are just thumbnails...all sizes will look exactly as the layout window once pasted into any graphics program.

Will you have odd shaped rooms in the future?

Yes, in fact we are working on a floor plan mode where you can rotate the whole floor pattern in the blueprints. You will need to supply us with your floor plans and we will import them into our software and return to you. Anyone needing that service now, please contact us by completing the feedback form.

How about using two different products?

Hit the 2 SKU button on the splash screen on startup. You can use only the products that I have preselected that work together.

What is the Set Repeat Size when I hit the change button?

That's one of the best features. Watch my Repeat Mode tutorial.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Yes. The "option" key (on a Macintosh) turns install diagram layout on and off ("Alt" key on a Windows computer).

What is the highlight check box?

This shows one repeat of a design that is repeated across the floor. This is useful to show the installer. This feature works with both the simulation mode and the diagram mode.


Why is SurfaceTiler free?

I want to make it easy, and fun, for you to create layouts for carpet designs I've done for Tandus Centiva.


Can I run SurfaceTiler on my Windows and Macintosh computer?

Yes! You can download both the Windows and Macintosh versions from the ST Download page.


Will SurfaceTiler work with carpet from other manufacturers?

No. It will not accept carpets from other companies at this time.

Why are some of the selections grayed out (unavailable) on the splash screen at launch?

These features and products are still being tested. Once they are working, those links will all work.

Why are some of the tile sizes grayed out?

The sizes that are available are clickable, the others are grayed out.

Why is there no SAVE?

We're working on that!  Please remember to give me feedback on what features you feel are important to be included.

Is there an UNDO?

Yes, There is a 9 step undo. Command-z on the Mac and Control-z on the PC.

How can I clear/delete a single tile from the layout?

Mouse over the tile in the layout window, wait until it highlights in yellow, press "delete" on the Mac (no need to click the mouse) or "backspace" on a Windows computer. Learn about this and other features by watching the tutorials.

Where does COPY put my images?

COPY places an image in the clipboard which you can then paste into any other graphic program or email.

How do I find out about updates to the software or when more products are added?

Once you register on our site, we will send you emails about future updates.

How often should I be expecting updates?

We are planning updates about every month.

In addition to the preloaded carpet styles, can I import other designs?

Not at this time.

Who do I contact about bugs and troubleshooting?

Please use the Feedback page to reach me.

Does SurfaceTiler work on an iPad or iPhone?



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the official launch date for Mixed Message?

Launches Mid-March. Please contact your Tandus Centiva representative. You can currently place a special order for a 65-yard minimum.

Is Mixed Message the first product to be four distinct patterns made at the same time?

Yes. Mixed message is only one SKU and each of the 4 tile patterns are numbered 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the back of the tiles. Since they are manufactured on the same machine at the same time, you will receive about equal amounts of each tile pattern.

What yarn type is used for Mixed Message?

The yarn is a Dynex solution dyed nylon.

How many colorways are offered in Mixed Message?


In what size tiles is Mixed Message available?

18” x 18” and 18” x 36” tiles. Samples are available only in 18” x 36” tiles.

What backings are offered for Mixed Message?

Mixed Message is a modular product; offered backings are: Ethos Flex-Aire, ER3, Conserv.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

65 yards.

What is the custom minimum?

Custom colors are available - 500 yards minimum.

Can I order just one of the tiles?

Yes, as a custom only - 500 yards minimum.

Where do I find the current pricing for Mixed Message?

To get the current pricing, please contact your Tandus Centiva representative.

What are the install options for Mixed Message?

Options for installation are: vertical ashlar, herringbone, quarter turned, random, horizontal ashlar for 18 x 36" and quarter turned, random, vertical ashlar, horizontal ashlar, vertical ashlar quarter turned, horizontal ashlar quarter turned for 18 x 18” tile.

Why do some colorways have pinstripes and others don't?

The accent pinstripes look best on the more neutral grounds.

Can the pinstripes be customized?

Yes - 200 yards minimum.