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Indian Ink Powerbond

Desert Pavement Tile

Landing Zone Tile

Mimicry Powerbond

Mountain Soil Tile

Mountain Soil Closeup

Indian Ink Tile

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Landing Zone Closeup

Desert Pavement Powerbond

Desert Pavement Closeup

Indian Ink Closeup

Landing Zone Powerbond

Mimicry Tile

Mimicry Closeup

Mountain Soil Powerbond

Nocturnal Tile

Nocturnal Powerbond

Nocturnal Closeup

Pictogram Tile

Pictogram Powerbond

Pictogram Closeup

Rural Roads Tile

Rural Roads Powerbond

Rural Roads Closeup

Space X Tile

Space X Powerbond

Space X Closeup

Tomorrowland Tile

Tomorrowland Powerbond

Tomorrowland Closeup

SquareUp Room Simulations

For more than 15 years, Jhane has designed carpet for Tandus Centiva (formerly Tandus Flooring). You can see Jhane's carpets in some of the world's largest corporations - Gensler, Lenscrafters, Hanes Brands, Google, Bank of America, Rolls Royce, Ford Lincoln, Stanford University, University of Utah, Northwestern University College of Law, and the Chattanooga airport. Jhane's long-time fans know that mathematics, science and technology often provide the inspiration for her fashion and textiles. Not surprisingly, this holds true for carpet as well.


Maelstrom Powerbond

Maelstrom Tiled

Mixed Message Tiled